Welcome to one of the many perks of the Olympic year: an extra training day!  Olympic years happen to fall in leap years, so we conveniently get an extra day to prepare for the upcoming Summer Games.  We are still cranking away on the machines out here in California and putting in the miles, so the search for new tunes is ongoing.  This month’s jams are a little all over the place, but will keep things interesting as you’re working through the final weeks of winter training and transitioning to springtime rowing.  You’ll recognize some familiar names like Klingande who just dropped this track two days ago – if Jubel is a regular part of your rotation you can probably get down to Losing U , but it is a little more vanilla EDM and you’ll have to swap saxophone solos for violin! I have some big, bouncy pop sounds from Panama Wedding, Chelsea Lankes and BØRNS, and some grittier moody stuff from Bob Moses, Jarryd James and Midnight to Monaco.  Two tracks from one of my favorite DJs, RAC, is a testament to his commitment to building really solid, infectiously rockable tracks that keep the flywheel spinning during our neverending grind (thank you André).  Make sure you check out the original version of Burn Fast from Bryce Fox – I love it, but it’s a little too chill for team workouts, so I picked a remix.  Enjoy your extra day, everyone. Rock on.


Cardiknox – On My Way

Klingande – Losing U

Panama Wedding – A Brand New Life

BØRNS – Seeing Stars

Kaskade – Whatever (feat. KOLAJ)

Chelsea Lankes – Bullet

Midnight to Monaco – One in a Million

Jarryd James – Give Me Something

Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up (RAC Mix)

Pretty Pink – Run (feat. ARC)

Little Boots – Get Things Done

Doe Paoro – Nostalgia (RAC Mix)

Bryce Fox – Burn Slow (Louis Vivet Remix)

Josef Salvat – Paradise (Boehm Remix)

The Kooks – Sweet Emotions (Montmartre Remix)

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