The Fountain of Youth

In 1513, Ponce de León landed on the coast of Florida near modern-day St. Augustine during his storied search for the Fountain of Youth. His quest was violent and exploitative, not unlike many early explorers' searches for wealth, power and immortality.  Ponce de León never did find the Fountain of Youth in Florida--despite what the … Continue reading The Fountain of Youth

the Undoing

I really struggled to find ways to motivate myself to work with and for people who ask so much of their National Team athletes, and in return expect so little from themselves. And I did it all alone. I did it looking outward every day at all of my teammates who were happily unaware of the things I knew, and the betrayal I felt. They all could come to practice every day feeling good about what they were doing, and experiencing no conflict whatsoever about being involved in an organization which --for all they knew-- was working hard to keep them safe and protect them from sexism and misogyny.