A little before and after chat about yesterday’s erg test.  Any psych people out there want to do a compare/contrast on my about body language and facial expressions?
I was actually really nervous for yesterday’s test–more than I have been for anything in quite a while.  I’m not sure if that comes through in the “before” but the nerves were definitely rattling. Glad to have the test over with and be moving on to the next thing.

Long Live the Dream,


3 thoughts on “Erg Test: Before and After

  1. Thanks Megan! I’d been rowing for a long time before one of my coaches asked what was the plan for an upcoming 2K. ‘Go off hard and keep going as long as I can’ was apparently not much of a plan – and it really helped me to get some guidance from the coach about a way to break down the 2k (1st 500 aim for this, 2nd and 3rd this, 4th you should be able to do this), with a realistic overall target based on other recent testing – so I just wondered.

  2. Hey – that’s good news, well done Megan. You mentioned a plan for the test – do you set that on your own or is it done in conjunction with your coach/coaches?

    1. For the most part, I’m usually on my own to set goals and then construct plans to achieve them. Coaches sometimes offer targets based on physiological data, but how we get there is up to us!

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