Ok, it’s definitely time to get some new content up so I don’t have horrifying mustaches as my top post on the blog any more. Although, I can’t say that the new view is much more pleasant–yesterday I finally got around to putting together the sequel to last year’s not-nerdy-at-all promo video for our Power and Grace calendar. This year I laid it on thick with a little more detail and background to why it is that we’re doing a fundraiser at all (no, we’re not professional athletes, and no, we don’t make much [read: any] money doing this), plus the ever-popular B-reels of my teammates and me doing what we do best: working out and acting like clowns. As I told my teammates–the lighting effects are a little disturbing and Twilight-esque, but you can just tell people it’s “artsy”…and can I also just say THANKS A LOT to YouTube for the really flattering thumbnail:

So check it out. And pass it on. As the holiday is fast-approaching, now is a great time to buckle down and shell out a few bucks for a stocking stuffer that will keep on giving the whole year long. And if you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on the Olympic selection process, we’ve included all of the pertinent dates for you so you know when it will be “100 Days to the Olympics”, “75 days to the Olympics” and so on… as well as when all of our selection events will take place (including the final naming date for the 2012 Team).

I probably don’t need to tell you that my checking account is just about empty, and I’ve still got to buy airfare for winter training camp. It’s a long ride on Greyhound, people. Every calendar purchase helps.

Long Live the Dream,