I remember the days when my Twitter feed wasn’t filled with photos of dodgy-looking characters with questionable facial hair stylings.  The glory days.
These days, it seems I can’t click on anything without an image of a perfectly handsome young man sporting a mustache (or some variation on that theme) popping up because it’s: MOVEMBER.  Also known as “no-shave-November” this is the festive time of year that men all over the world take the opportunity to avoid shaving 1) out of laziness 2) to support a philanthropic cause.

In the case of the latter, there is no group out there who has been more gung-ho about Movember 2011 than the British Men’s Rowing Team.  Several of them have decided to take part in Movember in order to raise money for and awareness of, Men’s Health issues (particularly, testicular and prostate cancer).  Now, there are not many people out there who love men more than I do, and the fact is that good health and health practices are what keep my favorite men around.  So I’ve decided to feature the Men of Movember in a very special post in order to help their cause, and to show my support for Movember.  As much as I wish (?) I could grow a mustache in support, I think I have a few more years to go before I can participate that way.

I have decided that I will support GB Men’s MovemberUK campaign:  but to whom should my donation dollars go?
I’m going to leave it up to my blog readers to vote on who is going to get my donation, based on their progress so far.
Voting goes until November 29.

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Please vote, and consider making your own donation HERE.  Whether you are a man, love a man, want to be a man, or even just know a man–these are issues that affect important people in all of our lives.  Get more information HERE  and pass it on (or HERE for US readers).

Long Live the Dream,


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