Just a few words before I get ready for bed, because as silly as it sounds: today was just awesome.
It’s old news now, but I posted the 2011 List last night.  It was a big project this year with the video editing and getting things worked out with the shirts, so I was actually glad to be done with it.  Posting it felt good in that sense; it was a project I could check off.

But then the responses started coming in–and have not stopped, all day.  I woke up to find the first responses from my friends in Europe and I read those while I had breakfast.  It wasn’t long before American east cost responders chimed in, and those were followed shortly by responses from friends in Australia, whose comments I read after practice.  Then after our second row I headed to work and got online in time to start getting replies from Canadian friends on the west coast, which continued in to the afternoon after our third session.  I’ve had messages from people all over the world today.  It was so cool.   
Aside from having the good fortune of staring at photos and video footage of some very attractive people over the past couple of weeks, this year’s List has brought me a lot of reward and happiness in knowing that my friends–as well as people I don’t know–are getting a few minutes of joy, or even just a smile out of something small that I’ve done.  I know it’s silly, but I think it’s great that people can share this and come together over it.  I’ve had over 3,000 hits on the blog today, and to a small town girl like me that’s pretty cool.  Thank you to everyone who got in touch today via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving comments on the blog–it has been so much fun.

Long Live the Dream,


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