2012 Power and Grace Calendars

It’s that time!  Our beautiful 2012 calendars are ready, and will ship on October 15.

This year’s calendar is bigger and better than last year, with gorgeous on-the-water shots and stunning studio work from NYC photographers Jordan Matter and Jeremy Saladyga.  Want to see us in action?  Check out the video I made of our photo shoot in June.

This year we’ve included more biography and dialogue directly from all of the US Training Center Women–edited by Yours Truly–and I spent hours putting all of that together so I hope you appreciate it!

Proceeds from Calendar sales will go directly to USTC Athletes and 2012 Olympic Hopefuls.  With your purchase, you are helping your National Team athletes to pay for rent, groceries, gas and health care.  Thank you for your support, we could not do this without you!

Calendars are currently on sale ONLINE for $13.99:

We will also be selling calendars in hand ($15) at a number of fall regattas and rowing events including:

Want us to come sell calendars at your event, or want calendars to sell?  CONTACT ME for more information–we want to come see you and sling some calendars!  Autographs are free!

Help us connect with others who want to help support National Team athletesLIKE US ON FACEBOOK

Can I possibly put any more links in this post?

Long Live the Dream,


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