Not too much to write about our race today except that it wasn’t good enough. The effort is there, but something is still missing. All we can do from this point is get ready for more selection and come back to Princeton hungry and motivated to make a change that will make our W4X world-class.
I am sick of losing. And I am sick of people expecting us to lose. We have to take it to the next level if we want to find success for USA scullers.
I’m in.

Congratulations on an amazing regatta weekend to my USA teammates and to this year’s World Cup III medalists. There was some really incredible racing and great efforts put forth in every event… best and most competitive fields I’ve ever seen at Lucerne. And a big thank you to all of the fans and supporters who came out to the Rotsee for racing today… I have never seen so many people lining the shores of the lake. Really great to see.
Back to the States in the morning. Dinner with my teammates tonight. A last look at Lucerne before putting my head down and putting in some serious work. Bled is just around the corner.


5 thoughts on “Luzern in the Books

  1. Thanks everyone for the support… I always appreciate hearing from people who read and especially so when I don’t have happy or successful things to write about.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen next week, but I promise that whoever comes out the other side is going to race hard for the US in Bled.

    Thanks again, will check in soon.

  2. As a wrestler who has convinced himself he can ‘still go’ . . .10 years after what I’ve been told consistently was “my prime” . . . crammed between my hours of training on the mats and at the gym, I have tried diligently over the last 7 months ‘To Get’ your sport . . . this blog has captured beautifully the grace, power, humor, charm, silliness and dedication of your teammates . . . your videos make me chuckle . . . and have even helped me implement tough new routines in the weight room . . . but the passion that you just expressed in two lines has finally, got me There – “I am sick of losing. And I am sick of people expecting us to lose.”

    This unquenched desire radiates in anyone that has eliminated the word ‘quit’ from their life, and who is stretching themselves daily to be better than their last effort.

    You’ve brought a Great sport and an Amazing team to Life, for all us (budding) fans … and I appreciate your efforts on and off the water.

    Long Live the Dream . . . Indeed!


  3. Second the above. Your determination and will to do whatever it takes to find that next level are truly inspiring. You are in it to win it. And we know you can do it! Good luck in the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait to be cheering for you in Bled :)

  4. More expect you to win than expect you to lose. You rock Kalmoe. Keep living the dream!

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