Running two races on Thursday doesn’t leave much time for blogging before bedtime (after you account for cool down, flirting with the men’s team, stretching, an ice bath and eating). But, Gevvie and I did make it through our Heat with a win in headwind conditions that were a little surprising given how nice the weather had been earlier in the day. It turns out our little Filippi shell is prone to taking on a fair bit of water in choppy conditions (but only in to the stroke seat, of course). We will be remembering our sponge should we see similar conditions for tomorrow’s final.
Today’s racing was certainly a step in the right direction, with another good effort and a win in the semi for a middle lane draw for tomorrow’s Final. I think it had everything to do with our celebrity stakeboat holder, Marcus McElhenney, but I’m sure he would be too modest to take any credit (other USRowing celebrity stake boat holders included Matt Imes, Glenn Merry and Shane Madden). Looking at results from our two semis, I had to laugh at the times:

Semifinal 1: 1st (7:11.78) 2nd (7:13.87) 3rd (7:17.57)
Semifinal 2: 1st (7:11.97) 2nd (7:13.99) 3rd (7:18.18)

…I hope everyone is ready for some HOT racing tomorrow in the W2X!!

I’m off for a swing row with Gevvie this afternoon to tune up and fire up for tomorrow’s final.

For the first time ever: wild turkeys greeting us this morning from the woods just beyond Mercer. Cool!

Long Live the Dream,