Good morning everyone! What time is it…?
I’m about to head over to beautiful Mercer Lake to get ready for our Time Trial this morning in the W1X event. I will be starting as bow #47, right behind my teammate, Kate Bertko. There has been a lot of chatter about the weather for this regatta, as it is forecasted to be windy and then windier today, up to about 20mph this afternoon. There is a possibility that racing will be called today if the water is not fit or safe for racing. As an athlete rep, I may have some say in that decision, depending on whether or not our Athlete Rep on call for this regatta, Mary Whipple, can be there. In the event that racing is called today, the plan is to run two races on Friday: a time trial (top 12 advance) and then move straight to semis.
Let’s hope that the weather is wrong and there is not already a 13mph cross tail wind blowing down the course. Let’s home that it’s actually a 2mph straight tail with flat, warm water.

For the stats fans: Powerhouse timing no longer exists (??), so all results can be found on USRowing:

Happy racing, and flat water!!!

Long Live the Dream,