Another week of training has blown by out here in San Diego (we have been here for four weeks already? What!?) and we are clipping along.  Half of the camp contingent is “hanging and banging” in Oklahoma City for another week while California Camp continues on at full tilt at the OTC.  We had some rain, some endurance weights, and some pieces in the 8+ this week (who knew??), and more of the same this week with an erg test thrown in just for kicks.

As a fun addition to this week’s training, we were visited by a number of the men’s U23 athletes in for a Presidents Day camp of sorts. Seven young men from around the country flew in for a few days of training with the senior team, and what a delight it’s been having them here.  A few things about spending time with younger athletes:

[1] I am so jealous of you.  That’s right, jealous.  The time leading up to and during my first years on and around the National Team was some of the most difficult and confusing of my life.  But a few years later looking back:  it was awesome. Starting out on your athletic career post-college is a chaotic time; it’s a huge leap of faith into a crazy rabbit hole no matter how many junior and U23 teams you’ve been on.  Committing your time–all of it–to training, recovering, surviving, learning, and competing every second of every day… wow.  It’s a big change.  And these guys are right on the brink of it.  Going boldly.  I love it.  And I am jealous that they are piecing together those moments right now (while playing it totally cool, of course) and are undoubtedly full of both hopes and doubts for the future.  And it’s all just out there in front of them.  The energy and enthusiasm you have at that stage is infectious…thank you for reminding me what this is all about.  Really awesome stuff.

[2] I am so proud of you.  Matronly and boring of me to say that–yes.  But you know what?  These guys could have cruised in here, collars popped, chests out and acted like total jackasses (which, let’s face it, men–especially young ones–occasionally have a bad habit of doing).  Instead, over the course of this weekend they constantly impressed me with their humility, charm, class, and great manners.  There have been times recently that I’ve spent with some of my friends on the men’s senior team where I’ve found myself experiencing none of those things, so Ian Silveira, Rob Munn, Michael Gennaro, Chris Yeager, Austin Hack, Michael DiSanto, and Zach Vlahos, I salute you.  You are too sweet.

[3]And also, Husky legend and current love of my life, Conlin McCabe, CRUSHED it at C.R.A.S.H-B’s this weekend, winning the Open, Collegiate and U23 divisions with one massive 5:48 effort. Please, please marry me.

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It was a big weekend for the younger men.  How about that.

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