Today was an exercise in patience, planning and flexibility.
Due to “spectacularly crappy” conditions at the course, the W4X was on house arrest today, completing all of our pre-race work here at the hotel.  We were lucky enough to avoid an early trip down and back to the course (without getting a row in), and to snag some of the hotel ergs before the mad rush for them began.
Over the course of the day we made a lunch run to the grocery store (and bought some other things besides cheese and chocolate this time) and then enjoyed some of the comic genius of Rob Schneider on the hotel TV before a lengthy text message exchange that, in the end, determined that we weren’t going to make a last-ditch effort to get on the water this evening via the 4:00 bus… thank God my phone has International capabilities.
So, based on the energy levels and behavioral anomalies of a few of my teammates (who shall remain nameless… but the identities of whom should become clear in forthcoming video #4) the W4X is sufficiently tapered and very much looking forward to racing.

We have an excellent draw for tomorrow’s heat, with one to advance directly to final.  We’ve even drawn a middle lane.  Barring more bad weather and/or race delays, we are looking to have a great kickoff to a solid week of racing tomorrow morning.

A few other things from today:

–My parents arrived today and seemed to be in good spirits after their flight, and even adapted quickly to driving on the left side of the road (except for the windshield wiper vs. blinker issue).  It is good to have them here for support!

–Tim Tams are absolutely delicious.

–Team USA had our annual “team photo” in the hotel lobby.  As per usual, it was mostly mass chaos.

–One of the coaches accompanied us to the grocery store today, and came out with a 12 pack of Steinlager… stating that the $6 per bottle at the hotel bar was a “significant difference” than paying about $1.50 per bottle at the store.  Given the consistency of the coaches’ patronage at said bar, I would have to agree that it is probably a good investment on their part.  Cheers!


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  1. Great Videos and excellent blog!!
    Hope the heat goes to plan later on when racing resumes….

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