Hello out there from Denver International. We have begun our trek around the globe to get to New Zealand, and have ticked off a few hours to get to Denver. Here, we’ll wait until we can catch our flight to LAX, and then our 13.5 hour journey to Auckland.
During our flight this morning, I put together my first video blog of our last day of practice in Princeton (yesterday morning). For this trip, I picked up a Kodak Playsport (purple, obviously) in order to track the progress of Team USA and the 2010 USA W4X at this year’s World Championships.

As you can see…. no one is excited at all to be done with NJ for a while and be headed to Worlds…and we never have any fun at practice.

Yesterday was “exciting” as I spent most of the morning at the boathouse, and then a good part of the afternoon delivering the remaining T-shirts to people all over Princeton (the YMCA, Main Street, truant teammates, etc.). Before I knew it it was 3:00 and I had to get to my hair appointment at 4:30. True… I did a cut, color and an eyebrow wax (and my eyebrows were really bad –believe me– ) but I did not expect the appointment to take THREE HOURS. Yuck. So, by the time I got home it was 8:00 and I had not even packed so much as a pair of socks. With a little help, I was able to pack up my life and get everything in its place for a 7:00 departure this morning… and in bed by 12:30 at that. Not too bad.

I set a new personal record today in trying to pack only one bag for this trip… it weighed in at 63.5 pounds.  I’m usually right around the 48.5 mark so I had a little bit of shuffling to do… thank God for Sarah Trowbridge, who is now carrying 13 pounds of my personal effects.

So… feeling slightly hungover from the first leg of the flight and some sleep deprivation… we wait (and work on our tans, apparently). See you in LA.

Long Live the Dream,