NSR 1 is now in the books and it’s back to the daily grind for the women of Team USA.  As expected, the W2- field threw down some really competitive racing last weekend, and it was a blast to watch my teammates duke it out in the pairs.  The women’s sculling team watched NSR 1 finals in a slightly unorthodox manner by using our Friday afternoon cross training run as a means by which to position ourselves at different vantage points along the lake.  Admittedly it was one of the more distracted runs I’ve been on with the Team, but worth it to be able to support my teammates as they raced by.

Now that racing is completed, the sweep team has packed up and headed back to Princeton to resume training and selection.  With the sweep group gone, that leaves just five of us here at the OTC in Chula Vista to prepare for the Non-Qualified Olympic Trials which will take place here in California from April 9-12.  The plan is to race two doubles and a single, with lineups TBD.  It is a drastic change to have pared down the group so drastically so quickly, and I have to admit that the first day or so was pretty lonely without the usual crowded locker room and team chatter in the boathouse and dining hall.  But now that we are getting back in to our routine, I’m noticing that having the place to ourselves isn’t all bad.  A dorm room fits five people.  We have a whole boat bay to accommodate our five singles and two doubles, and plenty of space in the oar racks for our blades.  We can easily launch five singles off the dock at the same time without having to wait.  Five people in the cold plunge is very cozy indeed, and the tables in the dining hall are the perfect size for five people.  Plus we have the added bonus of having been bequeathed a variety of… “interesting” belongings from our teammates, ranging from a grocery bag of candy to TempurPedic pillows to 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles (my personal favorite: bags of coffee + coffee grinder).  All in all, it’s not a bad deal.  The men’s coaches are keeping an eye on us for the next few days until our coach returns, so we have just have each other to keep everything honest and on schedule.  But one of the great assets of learning to scull is the ability to train independently, and the women in this group are certainly more than capable of continuing to train smart and train hard in order to be ready to go in April.

So to my sweep teammates in Princeton–we miss you!…but not too much.  With the weather turnaround over the past 48 hours and San Diego back to its beautiful sunny self, I’m happy to be right where I am, looking forward to a few more weeks of good training and then some racing before rejoining the Team in Princeton next month.

BONUS: we will be hanging out at the San Diego Crew Classic next weekend–if you are in town, please come say hi!!

Long Live the Dream,