Back in 2008 I had the good fortune of discovering skincare products from The Fay Farm at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle.  I was instantly enamored of their Amber Fig shea butter and even now, four years later, my love has yet to fade.
The other evening after our last practice session, I was using one of their [genius] lotion bars and had four different teammates approach me in the locker room with a wild look in their eye saying “SOMETHING SMELLS LIKE COOKIES”.  It was my Fay Farm bar (inedible, unfortunately) but we decided that the Team needed to place an order so everyone could smell like cookies.

A slew of goodies arrived on Friday!!  Thanks to the Fay Farm for taking such great care of us and keeping us looking and smelling great.

4 thoughts on “Thanks Fay Farm!

  1. Thanks for posting about The Fay Farm. I stumbled across their hemp serum which has done wonders for a family member’s psoriasis. A godsend for sure.

  2. I was reading this last night on the tram & since I’m sending some stuff to Steeesh, I also tossed in some tea that smells like cake. Should be there on Monday to accompany the bath stuff that smells like cookies. Enjoy! ;)

  3. Thanks for the great tip on the good-smelling goodies. Just placed an order and already looking forward to it.
    Keep up the hard work!

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