A few more days have rolled by in Munich and training is still going well. Just one day of rain and wind so far, otherwise sun and high temps for training, and lots of post-practice swims.

20110821-025248.jpgAs we’ve been puttering around the 1972 Olympic Park, I have been fascinated with the art and design elements that went into creating it, forty years ago. The buildings are strongly geometric with very stark, clean lines. Materials are high contrast and very simply colored (interior: white vs. very dark brown throughout, with minor color accents). There are wide doors, LOTS of horizontal lines, and of course, irresistibly cool iconography used for all the signage. I’ve commented with some of my teammates that despite having a dated feel to it, the boathouse and buildings at the ’72 Olympic Park also have a decidedly “trendy” feel to them, as many of the design elements that were fashionable forty years ago have come back in to vogue in some form or another since then.

20110821-025128.jpgMy favorite part of the park have been the series of 1972 Olympic posters that are hung in the hallways of the gymnasium building. I took snapshots of all of them yesterday (sorry for the glare and poor centering… It was taken with my phone while trying not to be late for the bus). There are a total of ten posters depicting different Olympic sports, and I just love them. I’ll post the rowing poster here, but it’s taken over an hour to post five of the photos in an album on Facebook so the rest of them will have to wait.

Only one more day of Munich’s vintage charm before we road trip it to Bled. We have three vans for 24 bodies for a four hour drive. At least the view out the window will be nice. Will make a point to be early to the queue so I don’t get stuck with a middle seat…

Long Live the Dream,


2 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Thanks Rebecca,

    I think you’ll find that I try to focus my writing on things about the experience that are directly my own, or which I can control. I rarely comment on other crews, and leave that to the media. Beyond saying that they are all gifted athletes and I look forward to competing against them, of course.


  2. Megan – that was a great reflection on the past. Makes me hope we’ll leave a good legacy for 30 years time,
    Rowperfect would love to read more of your writing. Will you be commenting on the other crews in your event once you get to Bled? Say hi to Mary Whipple from the Coxmate team as well!

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