As promised, more info on this year’s calendar:

So!  The calendar steering committee has been working tirelessly to get things rolling for the 2012 calendar.  If you missed it, I posted about our AMAZING photo shoot with Jordan Matter back in June.  Since then, we’ve been organizing our vendor, printing, and graphic design to have our calendars ready to sell to this fall at all the major fall regattas (HOCR, Schuylkill etc.).

Before we get to that point, we have an opportunity for people to become a part of our journey.
Last year when we hit the streets with calendars in hand, we encountered a lot of people who wanted to support our cause but who didn’t necessarily want to purchase a calendar from us.  This year, we have created an opportunity for people to donate, give gifts, or otherwise sponsor the 2012 Power & Grace calendar through our “Friends of the Calendar” outlet.

Ali Cox has created an informational brochure which outlines the specifics of how to become a part of the calendar.  You can check out the PDF here: Join our Journey. Sponsor Power and Grace!

If you have any questions about how to become a part of the 2012 calendar, or to get involved with the US Women’s Rowing Team, you can email me: or Ali Cox:

Long Live the Dream!