Team USA is in Luzern and ready to rock!

Having been in the UK for a week beforehand, bodies seem a little less sluggish and eyes a little brighter than usual when we are here.  I have to say that the extra time to get used to the sleep/wake and eating schedule is a nice change.  Otherwise, not much else is changed.  Year after year, Lucerne remains one of the best places to come to visit and race.  The course is ever-beautiful and the water seems extra-warm this year.  So far the weather has held and has been perfect summer regatta temps.

We have had a lineup shift in the W4X, and will be racing with double Henley-champ, Esther Lofgren in the W4X 3-seat while Ali moves to the 8+.  So far things have been clicking along and we are having nice practice rows out on the Rotsee.  I gave myself a little scare early this week with a little bit of chest congestion but it seems to have passed and I am ready to start RACING!

All events have strong entries this year so don’t miss World Cup III results… should be a great build up to this year’s World Champs in Bled.  To tide you over before racing starts tomorrow, check out my latest video from Luzern featuring Team USA rookies and veterans talking about what they love most about racing here:

Long Live the Dream,


P.S.  Had such a crazy hail storm at the course for PM practice!  As we were finishing up our row, the valley at the end of the lake looked strangely whited-out.  I thought to myself: “I don’t think that’s fog…” and then said to my crew, “I think we should hurry up and get off the water.”  We hustled off the dock and racked our boat just in time (Marcel was waiting for us to help strap the boat and run).  I watched sheets of rain approach the boat yard just as I was turning to sprint to the boathouse when Stesha yelled: “Oars!”.  Damn it.  So I changed course and ran to the dock and was met with a barrage of HAIL. Serious, sideways hail.  Crews were hurrying to get their boats off the water while dealing with with hail-in-the-face… Natalie and I gave up right off the dock and took shelter under a small tent with a small group of 1 Brit, 1 Aussie, 1 Swiss lightweight (who was holding up the tent), 2 World Rowing staff and one mother with a baby.  All we could do was laugh.  But I have the welts on my legs to show that the storm was no joke… I am sorry for all the crews who were shoving off the dock while we were landing (GBR M4-, AUS W4X, USA LM4- and others…)
I hope everyone’s boats are ok!