This morning we had the extra challenge of adding 8 inches of fresh snow to our routine.  Most athletes do not currently have the luxury of garage parking, so the wake-up process  also included a 10-30 minute dig-and-clear to get cars out and running in order to make it to practice.  Of course, despite having a perfectly plowed parking lot at the apartment I’m staying at by 5:00 a.m., the parking lot at the Princeton boathouse was nearly pristine when I arrived a little after 7:00.  It made for a lovely trek to the front door, and I was so moved by the experience, I snapped some shots of our beloved erg castle.

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In addition to the lovely snow we had a smashing 3×10′ workout this morning,  highlighted by “Pimp Juice” coming on as we started piece #3.  Thanks a lot for that one, Sara Hendershot.

The good news is that we only have a few more days in Princeton before we take off for our first winter training camp in San Diego.  More snow tonight…?

Long Live the Dream,


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