It’s been a big week for calendar sales in and around Princeton.

On Thursday night, a group of the PTC women hit the streets in freezing temperatures outside the Princeton Running Company in order to pitch calendars.  The superstar of this event was cox Ariel Frost, who ended up selling more calendars than anyone else just by getting out there, approaching businesses and random passersby (we also theorized that she is less threatening than other team members based on her diminutive stature and sweetly disarming smile).  Way to go Ari.

This weekend, we spent Saturday afternoon meeting, greeting and bagging groceries at Trader Joes in Princeton.  This was an awesome event that allowed us not only to promote the calendar, but also to get out and introduce ourselves to a ton of people in the community who identify with 1) eating healthy, affordable food 2) appreciating the value of a $2.99 bottle of wine.  I was at the front door greeting people as they came in and saying goodbye as they left.  It was really cool to be met by confused “hello…?”s when people walked in and saw me standing with a huge grin and USA gear, and then to see them again 20 minutes later after they had met one of my teammates bagging their groceries.  Most people were really surprised and happy to have us there helping out and spreading the word about our Olympic Goals which unfold right here in Princeton–and reported to me upon leaving how nice it was to meet one of my teammates, who they usually mentioned by name, and see us out in the community.  Loved it.
I was only at Trader Joes for a short while before heading over to Market Fair to spearhead efforts there.  I was joined by faithful comrades in arms Sarah Trowbridge, Margot Shumway and Kate Bertko, as well as Mara Allen who was the Market Fair MVP.  The mall was definitely a tougher sell, and there were far fewer people with whom to interact.  Highlights were a man who invited us to the Trenton Elks Lodge for soup and a sandwich, as well as a woman who was a fierce defender of Title Seven and women’s rights advocacy (please note there is nothing wrong with Title Seven, but typically we are more accustomed to hearing about Title Nine as former female collegiate athletes).   With Mara’s sales tactics, we were able to sell about 25 calendars at the mall, but it definitely was tough going.
On Sunday, I toted some calendars to Main Street with me, and sold them alongside my typical fare of cookies and coffee.  They were actually a big hit with the Sunday snack crowd, and I sold 11 just by being behind the counter!  Love it!  I actually had a special call from my boss at Main Street this morning after practice with a request from a customer for five more calendars today.  I just got back from driving over to drop them off.  I have to admit I was very flattered that someone was seeking out the calendars.  THANK YOU to all my friends and supporters at Main Street, I love you guys!  I will be back next weekend with more calendars!

If you haven’t purchased yet, there is still time:

Watch the promo video here:

Love all the support and sales, keep it coming to keep your National Team women pulling hard and going fast!

Long Live the Dream,


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