I’m in front of the camera this time, so watch out.

I know you can’t tell because of my most impressive professional onscreen demeanor, but the boat bays at PTC were really cold last night when I was filming my YouTube debut.  Contrary to popular belief, the old Boathouse polo doesn’t do much for keeping a girl warm while she stumbles through awkward nonprofit dialogue.

But here’s the additional information I promised:

-Unlike our primary competitors in international competition (Great Britain, Australia, Germany, et al), United States Rowers depend 100% on private fundraising and donations in order to fund our athletic careers.  All money we raise and receive from our governing body is through non-profit foundations (USOC, NRF, USRowing).  That means:  we get NO MONEY from the United States Government to compete and win medals.

-The most successful international federations spend 6 to 10 times more on their rowing teams than the United States via government funded programs, sponsorship and incentive programs.  Is it coincidence that the best-funded teams also win the most medals?

2010 Medal Count :: World Rowing Championships
-Great Britain – 11 medals (5 gold)
-New Zealand – 10 medals (3 gold)
-Germany – 9 medals (5 gold)
-Australia – 8 medals
-Italy – 7 medals
-United States – 4 medals (1 gold)

It is our responsibility as athletes to make the most of the resources we have, and if we want more resources–to find them for ourselves.

Help us do more!  Help us win more.