Well, after the heat on Monday, we were ready to throw down a solid race, and when the Rep rolled around on Wednesday, that’s what we did.  We’re happy with that performance and are looking forward to this afternoon’s Grand Final!

Conditions at the course right now (1:30 p.m.) are blustery and highly variable.  On the water it was a strong, direct port to starboard crosswind with some pretty nasty chop in the middle of the course.  The good news is that the last 250 is more protected than it has been all week, which may make for more interesting viewing in the grandstands.
Good luck to all crews, and GO USA!

Long Live the Dream,


4 thoughts on “Through the Reps

  1. Thank you for the support. Ultimately the disappointment that follows a performance that doesn’t produce a medal will transform into motivation for the upcoming, and so important Olympic Qualification year. I’ll be back, fiercer than ever. LLtD :)

  2. I know why you do it, and so does every other rower. Working hard with a team is a reward in itself and you’ll likely never be happy working in an organization that hasn’t got that incredible team ethos. UW had it for me. You got to share it outside of UW with some incredible athletes in multiple events. Come back and do it again. And when you can’t do the rowing anymore, teach what you’ve learned to the softball/soccer/basketball youth that only need one day, one row in a shell to discover the magic. EMFBO

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