It was a warm one down on the Rotsee today, which made it feel just like home (where temps are in excess of 100 degrees F, by the way, making the temps creeping toward 90 here seem lukewarm). The heat definitely had athletes seeking out shade in the warm up and cool down areas, many of us hugging the shore uncharacteristically close to find some respite from the sun as we waited to be called in to our lanes.
We started off with a heat in the W2X, which wasn’t a particularly strong piece, but it was enough to qualify us for the semifinal on Saturday and avoid tonight’s rep (which would have been an unwelcome third race of the day). After a quick cool down, Margot and I were off to the boathouse to fuel up, rest, get roughed up by our physio and then do it all over again in the W4X.
The W4X race similarly successful. We had a slow start to the race, but after I called a move at the 1000m mark, began a crushing move on the CHN boat next to us to move in to the second qualifying spot for Sunday’s A Final. I think all four of us were surprised and pleased to find the speed we needed in the second half of the race after a disappointing start. With that race on the books, we definitely know what we need to work on to bring it together for the Final.
Lucerne is its typical bustling self, with locals filling the grounds and the swimming beach at the far end of the course… there’s nothing quite like someone doing backflips off of a platform in front of you while you’re waiting for the start. Even for today’s preliminary races, there was a good, loud crowd all the way down the course, keeping things interesting. Speaking of keeping things interesting, if you have a minute, be sure to check out this article on The use (?) of English colloquialisms never fails to disappoint.
See you out there for tomorrow’s semifinal in the W2X, waiting for results from tonight’s repechages to round out tomorrow’s field(s). Great job to all USA crews advancing today!

Long Live the Dream,


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