We’re back in Lucerne, and this year it mostly feels like a part of a routine that I am getting more and more used to.  Riding the bus to and from the hotel, I notice that not much has changed in the city over the past year we’ve been gone, and storefronts, signage and all the local landmarks are familiar and recognizable.  We’re back in the same hotel; using the same boat racks; going through all the motions that are the third World Cup.
Yesterday was a groggy rig-and-row for all of us who are mostly each responsible for two boats each, as most of the athletes in the USA womens’ delegation are doubling up 2X/4X or 2-/8+ or 4-/8+.  For all of this we are rowing beautiful, sparkling new Empacher shells, the shiny decks of which bore our reflections as we leaned over them to rig them yesterday afternoon.  They are truly immaculate, and really a pleasure to row.  We were masters of the Rotsee this morning with only a few small boats from Brazil and Cuba milling about the grounds, but that is sure to change as more crews begin rolling in this afternoon, including our men’s delegation from WCII and Henley.  So far, the only mishaps to plague our 24 hours in Switzerland are a giant gaping hole left in the bow of our 2X courtesy of a passing boat yesterday afternoon during the chaos of the breakdown of the Swiss Championships; and the W4X may have left our blades out on the docks overnight after our paddle yesterday.  I’m sure though, with team Empacher on their way and the mental note about the oars, we’re well on our way to having the kinks worked out and are in for a successful week of race prep.
Lastly, I am on my last third of the first book in the Twilight saga, which I have finally submitted to reading.  My first-time status with the first book has a number of my teammates all aflutter, anxiously awaiting my opinion on the book’s content and form.  I am embarrassed to admit that I plowed through the majority of the book yesterday; not only was it the last thing I did before I fell asleep, but also the first thing I did upon waking this morning.  Guilty.

Long Live the Dream,