It has finally happened: stardom here I come.
I launched my international supermodeling career today with my first (and probably only…ever) paid modeling gig for Boathouse Sports. Boathouse is the new official gear sponsor for USRowing, and asked several of the US Elites to participate in a photo shoot for their upcoming catalog. Ellen and I were the only representatives of US Sculling present, but we were joined by the 2008 Olympic M4- (Newlin, Lanzone, Teti, Banks), as well as Olympic Gold Medal W8+ athletes Susan Francia and Erin Cafaro.
We spent a few hours hanging out at the boathouse, watching and giggling as the men got their hair and makeup done before donning our own Boathouse prototype gear and going for a short row to try it all out and snap some photos. I had a great time! Admittedly putting on foundation before going out for a row (even a very short row) is not generally part of my routine… and I think we sweated it off in the 85 degree heat immediately anyway. But the makeup staff had us looking pretty sweet in our spandex as we took the ol’ Empacher out for two starts, some paddle strokes, and some “on the dock” shots. Very nice.
I have absolutely no idea when the catalog will be out, or what to expect from the very squinty faces I was making in the bright midday sun, but it was a pretty fun experience and a very interesting way to spend my day off. Call me any time, Boathouse!

Long Live the Dream,