2012 #21 Fan Favorite Poll

Welcome to the first installment of the 2012 edition of THE LIST

This year I’ve decided to officially assign the most coveted of all List positions: #21.
But the man named as the 2012 #21 isn’t going to be selected by me–he’s going to be selected by you.

I’ve created a video featuring all five of this year’s HOT #21 candidates with a little bit of background in order to help you make your decision–and then it’s up to you to VOTE in the poll below to bestow the glory of #21 on the male rower of your choice. The poll will be open for one week, so get your votes in and then rally more votes from wherever you can get them.

Results will be released with the Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2012 in about a week.

Happy viewing, happy voting!

Long Live the Dream,



One response to “2012 #21 Fan Favorite Poll

  1. Kalmoe, I love you so much right now. You know why.
    (Alas, I missed the entire voting period. Otherwise I would’ve flooded the ballot boxes for Mr. You-Know-Who)

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