Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2011

I have to say that this year’s List has been a lot of fun.  Back when I wrote the first List in 2008, I never really thought it would catch on.  I thought it would remain a bit of an obscure inside joke between me and the four people who read my blog (my mom, my two best friends and Sam Chang).  The 2008 and 2009 Lists flew a little under the radar, and then something changed in 2010.
Still the most popular post I’ve ever written, I continue to get hits on it every day.  One of the American men thanked me last year for adding him to the List: “I’m getting messages from people I haven’t heard from in years congratulating me on making your List.  It’s like being in Cosmo or something.”  Likewise, I am still being punished by other American men who didn’t make the List last year: “Yeah, I would do that favor for you, but I didn’t make the List, so…

Then we went to Europe.  On Sunday night in Lucerne, I had men coming up to me that I didn’t even know asking me when this year’s List was going to be coming out, and who was going to be on it.  It only got worse (read: better) when I got to Bled.  The List has generated a number of new friendships, primarily with the Australian and British men’s teams, via discussions about last year’s List…and how to get on to this year’s List.
I’m not complaining.   Rather I feel a bit like I’ve won the lottery.

It seems that the List has become popular, even if only with the men who are on it (or could be).  I couldn’t be happier about that.  The way I see it, if my audience is going to up the ante, so should I.  So I’ve added two new features to this year’s List:

  • You asked for it, and now you’ve got it:  this year row2k has provided photos of all of this year’s List Men.  Thank you to Ed and Erik for getting such hot shots of the men!  They look GREAT!
  • And also new for this year:  LIST GEAR.
    That’s right.

All 20 members of the 2011 List are getting LIST tech shirts from Sew Sporty.  Shirts are one-of-a-kind, custom-printed for each athlete and exclusive to List Members ONLY.  How cool is that!?!

So without further ado:  here it is.  Your 2011 List.

20.  Angel Fournier Rodriguez – CUB M1X
19.  Conlin McCabe – CAN M8+
18.  Ned DelGuercio – USA M8+
17.  Matt Ryan – AUS M8+
16.  Derek Johnson – USA M2+
15.  Iztok Cop – SLO M2X
14.  Olaf Tufte – NOR M1X
13.  Ioannis Christou – GRE M4-
12.  Benjamin Rondeau — FRA M8+
11.  Marcus Bateman – GBR M2X
10.  Alex Gregory – GBR M4-
09.  Mario Paonessa — ITA M4-
08.  Artem Moroz — UKR M8+
07.  Sjoerd Hamburger – NED M8+
06.  Tom James – GBR M4-
05.  Will Miller – USA M4X
04.  Bryn Coudraye – AUS M8+
03.  Rares Crisan – CAN LM4-
02.  Andre Vonarburg – SUI M4X
01.  Lassi Karonen – SWE M1X

Thank you so much to everyone who made this year’s List so much fun, including my teammates and female friends for their nominations, as well as all the cheeky hopefuls (you know who you are).  To my many, many other favorites (GBR M4X, RSA M4-, CAN everything, AUS M8+ Fergus… I love you, ARG M2X, NOR M2X, French lightweight man with the most incredible eyes I’ve ever seen…but I don’t know who you are, and too many more to mention) thanks for a great year.  It was great to meet many of the guys personally.  As always, I am looking forward to next year!!

Long Live the Dream,



25 responses to “Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2011

  1. *nods* Now this makes for a good morning. I’m always concerned with you putting Rares on the list. He’s hot, but… gots to be careful with the lights.

    • How’s that? I typically am entertained by the light men, they have the best personalities and are great conversationalists. I think Rares can handle it, though being in the top 5 is a pretty big responsibility.

      • Exactly. They’re hilarious, and depending on the day, fully AWARE they’re secretly the most awesome people around; keep them humble. And with Rares… the kid’s life is already so cool, making him top 5 may just put him over the top.

        Actually, hat would be a great guest post: Have him review the list, adjusting as he sees fit.

  2. Oh, how proud can supporting parents be? What made us produce a nice Viking-rower, simple people as we are?

  3. I agree with quite a few! Arg mens double are happy to be even considered! They were wanting to make a top 10 womens list!

  4. Yeah Lassi!!!
    My girlfriend and i are big fans of yours. Do you want to be the godfather of are first born?

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  6. My crew mates from the RSA M4- and I were quite pleased to get a mention! Pity none of us made the final list!

  7. If only you could get one of these men to wear his shirt in the Olympic Village (and get a photo)…

    Good luck at the games!

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