The 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2009

You’ve been waiting…and waiting… and waiting… and here it is. I’ve counted all the votes (well, my votes) and tallied all the figures, and here is this year’s list of the 20 Hottest Male Rowers from 2009. Again, the list includes only active athletes and while I do not deny an affection for openweight single scullers, I tried my best to tear my eyes from them some of the time in order to include a broader range of…boat classes. The general principles of good looks plus performance still apply, but I suppose personality could come in to it to if you really push me (but probably not).
As always, congratulations to the wives, girlfriends, fiancees and “friends” of the men on the 2009 List! I salute you.

20. Julien Bahain, FRA M2X
19. Angel Fournier Rodriguez, CUB M1X
18. Alex Partridge, GBR M4-
17. Elton Santana, BRA TAMix2X
16. Peter Reed, GBR M2-
15. Ned DelGuerico, USA M8+
14. Rob Gibson, CAN M8+
13. Giuseppe Lanzone, USA M4-
12. Olaf Tufte, NOR M1X
11. Iztok Cop, SLO M4X
10. Matt Ryan, AUS M4-
09. Tim Bartels, GER M4X
08. Will Miller, USA M4X
07. Shaun Keeling, RSA M2-
06. David Banks, USA M2-
05. Nils Jakob Hoff, NOR M2X
04. Andre Vonarburg, SUI M2X
03. Duncan Grant, NZL LM1X
02. Lassi Karonen, SWE M1X
01. Mahe Drysdale, NZL M1X

Sorry Mahe, you went and broke the World Record again in the single, so that means another year of awkward encounters and uncomfortable smiles for earning the #1 spot on the List. Starting at the Charles! See you on Weeks Bridge!

Sad news in compiling the List: unidentified ESP M1X known to us as Mr. “Muy Delicioso”… would have been in the top 5 but I couldn’t find him anywhere! Maybe next year…

Long Live the Dream,



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