The 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2008

When I was still in China, I noticed that a lot of media sites all over the world were compiling lists of the top however-many athletes competing in the Olympics. Not only did rowers rarely get a nod, but I didn’t make any of the lists, which was doubly insulting. Regardless, after spending a few weeks roaming the grounds at Shunyi and mingling with my fellow oarsmen and -women, I realized that our sport attracts too many really sexy people to not have its own list. So forget the big media mogul sites who cater only to tennis stars and beach volleyball players–I’ve made my own list of the 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes (active as of 2008). It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. And let me put it out there: I naturally have a predisposition for heavyweight male single scullers. I wanted to represent athletes from sweep and scull, rookies and veterans, open and lightweight–though you’ll undoubtedly pick up on patterns as you read. The list represents a blending of good looks with athletic performance history to bring you the Top 20 Hottest Male Rowing Athletes of 2008!
To all the wives and girlfriends of the men on my list, congratulations!
To all the hopefuls who didn’t make the list: better luck next year. I think James Tomkins is retiring so that’s at least one spot that will open up.

20. George Bridgewater, NZL M2-
19. Sjoerd Hamburger, NED M1X
18. Richard Egington, GBR M8+
17. Patrick Todd, USA LM4-
16. Sam Beltz, AUS LM2X
15. Angel Fournier Rodriguez, CUB M4X
14. Giuseppe Lanzone, USA M4-
13. Thomas Morsing Larsen, DEN M2-
12. Julien Bahain, FRA M4X
11. Alex Partridge, GBR M8+
10. Iztok Cop, SLO M2X
09. Scott Gault, USA M4X
08. Matt Ryan, AUS M4-
07. Cormac Folan, IRL M4-
06. Rob Waddell, NZL M2X
05. Andre Vonarburg, SUI M1X
04. James Tomkins, AUS M8+
03. Lassi Karonen, SWE M1X
02. Olaf Tufte, NOR M1X
01. Mahe Drysdale, NZL M1X

Long Live the Dream,



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